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Aviatrix Stinson Sets New Speed Record December 11th, 1917

on Dec 11th, 2009
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Leaves San Diego On 500 Mile Flight
Oakland Tribune December 11th, 1917 pg. 1

FRESNO, Dec. 11. — Katherine Stinson, the girl aviator, passed here at 1:40 p.m.
SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 11 — Stimson passed over Tulare at 1:05 o’clock, traveling about 50 miles an hour. It is estimated she will reach Fresno about 2 o’clock.
BAKERSFIELD, Dec 11.—Miss Katherine Stinson reached this city at 12:10. She was flying at an altitude of approximately 5000 feet and at a very high speed.

With a goodbye San Diego – Hello Oakland wave of the hat as she passed over the hundreds of government aviation students on North Island, San Diego, Kate Stinson, the daredevil girl aviator from Texas, early today started on her way to this city in an attempt to break the cross country flying record held by a woman.

Katherine Stinson - Aviatrix and 4th Woman to Receive Her Pilot's License

Katherine Stinson - Aviatrix and 4th Woman to Receive Her Pilot's License

Miss Stinson was a day late in starting her aerial journey. Yesterday morning was the time set, but during Sunday’s tryout her machine developed motor trouble, which necessitated a postponement. Investigation showed that several things were wrong, but the girl urged her mechanicians to hurry repairs, as she was anxious to get started.

Miss Stinson arrived on the old Curtiss field, San Diego wires say, shortly after 6:30 o’clock today. The morning was cold and damp, but, bundled in sweaters and leather outer-garments, she hurriedly got her machine out of the hangar and started the motor to humming. A tryout convinced her that everything was shipshape.

At 7:55 o’clock, after bidding farewells and receiving wishes of good luck, Miss Stinson gave the signal, the big motor began to hum and again she arose from the earth like a bird, but this time headed straight over the government aviation field and northward. Two-fifteen o’clock this afternoon is her scheduled arrival time in Oakland.

She intends following the coast to Los Angeles, then striking across toward the Tehachapi mountains and the San Joaquin valley, following the railways through Bakersfield, Fresno and into Oakland. From here she plans to soar over San Francisco bay to the Presidio. A speed of seventy five miles an hour will enable her to make the record barring accidents.

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