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Japanese Surrender On Air This Eve September 1st, 1945

The White House announced today that the Japanese surrender ceremonies on the battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay will go on the air at 8:00 p.m., Central War time tonight.

The Battle of Los Angeles February 26th, 1942

The Battle of Los Angeles February 26th, 1942

Three million Southern Californians remained confused today by conflicting statements of exactly what caused a barrage of anti-aircraft firing yesterday, but were unanimous on one thing: The West Coast’s defenders can swing into action quickly.

Commando Kelly Comes Home April 27th, 1944

Last night, a crowd estimated by police at more than 20,000 surged through police lines in West Park just a few blocks from his northside home to abruptly end a day-long celebration that set Pittsburgh agog with feverish delight. “We want Kelly,” the unmanageable crowd shouted, as the reception committee entreated the adoring populace for quiet and order.

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