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Aviatrix Stinson Sets New Speed Record December 11th, 1917

With a goodbye San Diego – Hello Oakland wave of the hat as she passed over the hundreds of government aviation students on North Island, San Diego, Kate Stinson, the daredevil girl aviator from Texas, early today started on her way to this city in an attempt to break the cross country flying record held by a woman.

Hughes Jet Crashes with Inventor Onboard July 9th, 1946

Howard Hughes, movie maker and builder of airplanes, clung precariously to life today in the hospital after the crash and explosion of his latest creation, the AF-11, unofficially reported to be the fastest long-range craft ever constructed.

Tragic Texas Blast Kills 500; Mostly Children March 20th, 1937

Expert opinion that the blast which snuffed out the lives of some 425 school pupils and teachers near here yesterday may have been generated in the very walls surrounding their classrooms spurred investigation of the disaster tonight as the community prepared to bury most of its next generation.

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