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Armed Farmers Pierce Picket Line November 7th, 1933

Des Moines – (AP) – Governor Herring Tuesday wired sheriffs of Woodbury, Cherokee and Plymouth counties in northwest Iowa to deputize citizens “to compel observance of the law” in the farm strike area. Telegraphic requests for protection of property came to the governor from W. P. Kennedy, president of the Great Northern, and F. P. Sargent, president of the Northwestern railways. Kennedy suggested calling out the national guard.

Chilling Radio Drama Stirs Ghost of Censorship November 1st, 1938

The radio industry viewed Monday a hobgoblin more terrifying to it than any Halloween spook. The prospect of increasing federal control of broadcasts was discussed here as an aftermath of a radio presentation of an H. G. Wells imaginative story which caused many listeners to believe that men from Mars had invaded the United States with death rays.

Experts Face Confusion in Andree Diary September 5th, 1930

Experts Face Confusion in Andree Diary September 5th, 1930

The diary and log of Salomon August Andree, aeronautical polar explorer, brought back from White Island where Andree had lain in an icy grave for 33 years, today confused the interest of experts examining the relics of his expedition.

Griffith Park Fire Tragedy October 4th, 1933

Griffith Park Fire Tragedy October 4th, 1933

With thirty-six bodies recovered and county officials reporting that the fire-swept 1,000 acre tract in Mineral Wells canyon holds from 20 to 25 additional victims of yesterday’s brush fire, police today took in custody a man and booked him for suspicion of arson.

Tragic Texas Blast Kills 500; Mostly Children March 20th, 1937

Expert opinion that the blast which snuffed out the lives of some 425 school pupils and teachers near here yesterday may have been generated in the very walls surrounding their classrooms spurred investigation of the disaster tonight as the community prepared to bury most of its next generation.

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