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Forgotten News: The Crime of the Year and Other Lost Stories by Jack Finney

on Jun 16th, 2009
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Forgotten News: The Crime of the Century and Other Lost StoriesForgotten News: The Crime of the Year and Other Lost Stories
Jack Finney
Simon & Schuster 1986

Jack Finney, best known for novels and short stories involving speculative fiction, recounts in great detail the trial of Emma Cunningham, accused murderer of dentist Harvey Burdell in 1850’s New York.

Finney’s attention to detail and marvelous capacity to bring the past alive through descriptive narrative, captures the feel of what was called at the time The Trial of the Century. Finney spent three months in the New York library researching the trial and brings out of the newspaper articles a cohesive drama as it unfolded daily.  Much of the research he did during that period was used in his bestselling novel Time and Again and its sequel Time After Time. Fans of Finney’s work will appreciate the insight as he describe his own research process.

Forgotten News also recounts the 1857 sinking of the ‘SS Central America’ and touches on some odd reference material including cannibalism in the tropics.

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