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Police Reach Accident Before It Happens May 6th, 1941

on May 7th, 2009
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Anonymous Telephone Call Predicted This Crash

Anonymous Telephone Call Predicted This Crash
Oakland Tribune Tuesday, May 6, 1941 pg. 1
A Santa Fe streamliner crashed into this light delivery truck today in Richmond, injuring the driver critically, 10 minutes after an anonymous telephone call for an ambulance had predicted the accident.  Police said they would investigate possibility of a suicide accident.  A girl was hurt by a piece of metal that flew across the street. – Tribune photo

Police Reach Accident Scene Before It Actually Happens
Reno Evening Gazette Wednesday, May 7, 1941 pg. 1
RICHMOND, Calif.- May 7 UPI—
“Hurry to San Pablo and MacDonald avenues,” said the telephone voice. “The Santa Fe streamliner just hit a truck and a man is hurt pretty badly.” Police dispatched a squad car and ambulance to the address. There was no accident. The train hadn’t yet reached the scene. It did, though, just as the investigators were leaving. And just as a delivery truck driven by Randolph Bruce, forty-four, was on the crossing. Bruce is hurt pretty badly. He has a brain injury and a crushed chest. 

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