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Experts Face Confusion in Andree Diary September 5th, 1930

on Sep 5th, 2009
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Andree Sets Out To Cross the North Pole - Life Magazine 1897

Andree Sets Out To Cross the North Pole - Life Magazine 1897

Experts Face Confusion in Andree Diary
Relics of Polar Expedition of Aeronautical Explorer Guarded with Extreme Care Contents Not Divulged
Lubbock Morning Avalanche September 5th, 1930
Copyright 1930 and all rights reserved in North and South America and in Japan by the Associated Press

TROMSCE, Norway, Sept. 4. AP — The diary and log of Salomon August Andree, aeronautical polar explorer, brought back from White Island where Andree had lain in an icy grave for 33 years, today confused the interest of experts examining the relics of his expedition.

These priceless notes are being guarded with extreme care by experts and their contents have not been divulged. Close observers however, believe these various books will provide a dramatic and more or less complete history of the Andree expedition from the time the explorers started away with a balloon until Andree, a sole survivor, leaned his poor, wracked frame against an earthy bank near his last stand, and composed himself to die. As he died he tried to shield some of his records with his body so that the world sometime might know the story of his adventure.

It should be repeated that this is mere speculation, since the outside world has had nothing from Andree’ records. However, observers feel at liberty to put two and two together and hazard a guess as to what may come.

Few Details Given
It is believed the records are written as concisely as possible without unnecessary details, partly because of frightful torture which the explorers were undergoing and partly to conserve their pencils. It Is believed that Andree kept his tragic memoranda to the last. His notes may tell how disaster overtook the balloon wherein the three were trying to fly across the pole. Then came a terrible march across churning ice fields in bitter arctic cold. It needs no diary to tell that Andree and Strindberg struggled on drawing with them their heavy equipment which they dared not desert for it meant life and possible rescue. Obviously they finally came to White Island, where they died.

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