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At The Movies May 27th, 1977

on May 27th, 2009
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Star Wars Storyboard - www.starwars.com

Star Wars Storyboard - www.starwars.com

Van Nuys Valley News May 27th, 1977 pg. 47
In year where filmmakers have rediscovered World War II movies, “Star Wars” is the exception with writer-director George Lucas instead making “Camelot” of the future. Of course, good triumphs over evil and there’s even a young hero to save a spirited princess in this contemporary space adventure set in an unknown galaxy thousands of light years from earth.

With only light rebel forces left, the villainous Imperial Forces have kidnapped Princess Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) of the Rebel Forces. She sends out a message for help implanted in a robot’s memory tape. The robot falls into the hands of young Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill). His father was once a Jedi Knight, guardian of peace and justice before the Imperial Forces grabbed the power. Given his father’s sword of light from Ben Kenobi, the last Jedi (Alec Guinness), Luke teams with Ben, two robots and a cynical captain (Harrison Ford) to rescue the princess and aid the rebels.

While humans, anthropoids and robots work side by side in this futuristic time, there’s still the Merlin style sorcery. Lord Darth-Vader (David Prowse) puts the magic to work for evil forces and is only too glad to tangle with magic’s goodness.

The scene stealers are the robots. Some talk and others communicate through beeps and buzzes, but they are always human in emotions. Devised by John Stears. two of the robots house actors while the others are entirely remotely controlled. The title sounds heavy, but the action is light-hearted and the special effects tease the imagination. So while war realism takes over other films, fantasy of tomorrow’s Camelot lives in “Star Wars.” –Adrienne Fraley

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