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A Message from the Doomed Titanic November 11th, 1929

on Jan 16th, 2010
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RMS Titanic departing from Southampton, 10th April 1912

RMS Titanic departing from Southampton, 10th April 1912

Strange Things from the Sea
Ironwood Daily Globe November 11, 1929 pg.5

Strange things come out of the sea, A resident of Swansea, South Wales, not long ago strolled along the sands. In a bay he found a bottle. It contained a picture of two men, a stickpin and a note. Briefly the note stated that the ship Titanic was sinking and the writer and his brother-in-law were among those who had remained on board. Wife and child had gone on the last boat. It added that the band was still playing. The Titanic sank 17 years ago after colliding with an iceberg in mid-Atlantic. The bottle with its message had been journeying ever since.

Davy Jones’ Graveyard
Popular Mechanics December 1929 pg. 939
Many of the skeletons in Davy Jones’ cupboard are never revealed to newspaper readers.  Some of them are in the shape of genuine bottle messages cast ashore years after a startling sea disaster.

A few months ago, a man was walking at evening along the sands of a quiet bay, the Mumbles of Swansea, South Wales, when he picked up a bottle containing a note, a gold scarf pin with the stone missing and a photograph of two men.

Said the writer, “This is the last moment the great ship ‘Titanic’ sank. I am left here with my brother-in-law, John Williams, wife and little child Jean, having left the doomed ship on the last boat.  The band are still playing, the officers are running here and there, although their tasks are hopeless; men are going mad, while… [unreadable].”

This tragic last message, so strangely cast up from Davy Jones’ graveyard in 1929, seventeen years afterword, throws light on the last moments of the liner ‘Titanic’ which collided with an iceberg in mid-Atlantic on her maiden trip, on April 15, 1912, when she sank with 1,635 passengers out of a total of 3,510 on board.

Titanic's Final Moments: Missing Pieces





Titanic’s Final Moments is a History Channel DVD chronicling the 2005 expedition to the wreck of the RMS Titanic.

Using Russian submersibles John Chatterton and Richie Kohler explore the area just outside the debris field of the Titanic wreck.  On their final dive the explorers find two large, intact sections with the red paint still on them.  These significant discoveries change our understanding of the doomed ship’s last minutes before sinking.
A History Channel production.

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