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Chilling Radio Drama Stirs Ghost of Censorship November 1st, 1938

The radio industry viewed Monday a hobgoblin more terrifying to it than any Halloween spook. The prospect of increasing federal control of broadcasts was discussed here as an aftermath of a radio presentation of an H. G. Wells imaginative story which caused many listeners to believe that men from Mars had invaded the United States with death rays.

Japanese Surrender On Air This Eve September 1st, 1945

The White House announced today that the Japanese surrender ceremonies on the battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay will go on the air at 8:00 p.m., Central War time tonight.

Army Says Has Disc July 8th, 1947

Army Says Has Disc July 8th, 1947

Possession of a “flying disc” was disclosed today by the intelligence office of the Five Hundred Ninth bomb group of the Roswell army airbase. Officers at the base say that the “disc” was flown in a Superfortress to “higher headquarters” undisclosed.

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